Rainy Sundays


AMERICAN APPAREL hat PLANET coat GAP sweater MANGO leggings NIKE sneakers MARC JACOBS purse

Typical Vancouver weather has returned! It was a very gloomy day so I didn't really feel like dressing up too much. I kept it comfy and casual by wearing my shiny leggings with my mom's vintage turtleneck sweater and my Nike runners. I threw on this gorgeous coat so I can stay warm and protected from the rain, as well as this scarf and my beloved hat for extra warmth. I think Sundays are turning into 'Macaroons Sundays' for me as I went for Macaroons again! I went to West Vancouver again but this time it was at a cafe called 'Faubourg'. This place is AMAZING and very fancy. The macaroons are to die for and it really reminded me of my trips to Paris... Ahh I'm beyond nostalgic, someone take me back to Europe asap!

'Sweater Lookbook' YouTube Video


I spent all night editing my video so that I could get it up on my channel asap and here it is! I'm really excited about this one, I love all my outfits and my editing is getting better. I left all the links to everything I'm wearing in the info box incase you guys were wondering. 

Obviously I couldn't wear most of these outfits now in the winter but I wanted to show you guys some variety with how you can wear a sweater. I really hope you guys enjoy the video and remember to like the video if you like it and make sure you subscribe!! 

Sneak Peek of New YouTube Video



Since I finished writing most of my essay I decided to take a little break and I filmed a new YouTube video. Since I purchased a ton of sweaters in the past few months I wanted to show you guys how I style them. I didn't get the chance to film all of my sweaters but I'll make sure to show you guys the rest in future blog posts! Hopefully I'll have the video all finished and ready to upload sometime this weekend. 

Anyways, Happy Valentines Day everyone I hope you are all spending it with loved ones and have a lovely weekend!

My Life Through Instagram


Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few days, I've been quite busy writing a 1600-1900 word essay that's due Monday! I always try to keep my Instagram updated so if you're not already following me make sure you do! @emilijabaranac

Tomorrow I think I might film a new YouTube video, but it depends on how much I get done with my essay. I am currently almost half way done so hopefully I'll get the majority done by tonight so then I can film tomorrow. If I do film it'll probably be up by this weekend or the beginning of next week, so stay tuned because it's going to be a good one!

Chilly Saturdays


ZARA jacket & sweater RIVER ISLAND boyfriend jeans CONVERSE sneakers MARC JACOBS bag

Today I went to West Vancouver with my parents to this new cafe/bakery called CC Violin. They have such good macaroons and coffee and it's really cute inside. If you ever get the chance make sure you go check them out! Take a look at my Instagram account to see the photo I took of the Macaroons and my Mocha. I know I keep complaining about how cold it is but I can't help it... It's freezing! I've been living in my turtle neck sweaters lately because it's way too chilly to wear anything else. Apparently it's supposed to snow either tomorrow or Monday and I am crossing my fingers it doesn't snow tomorrow since I have to work late... I really don't want to get stuck downtown in the snow! Today it was pretty nice though, it's warmer when you're in the sun but not by much. 

I know I'm constantly wearing my leather jacket, and those jeans... and my converse sneakers but those are my favorite pieces right now! They go with anything pretty much and add so much value to any look. Also I am in love with this sweater, it is so soft and comfortable and surprisingly pretty warm. This is probably one of my favorite looks Oh and as you guys can tell I got rid of those hideous roots and now my hair is back to the color I love, yay! Anywho, I'm gonna go warm up with some tea, have a good weekend everyone!



ZARA jacket & necklace WILFRED sweater TALULA pants TOPSHOP shoes MARC JACOBS purse MAC (Diva) lipstick

Apparently today was the coldest it's been in Vancouver on this day in 66 years. The sun is so deceiving, it makes you think it's a nice day (which it was) but then you step outside and feel like you just entered Antarctica. That being said, I didn't spend too much time outside I mean I don't know about you but I am not willing to freeze to death thank you very much. Anyways, today I was going for the 'comfy chic' look. Clearly I was comfortable in my trousers and turtleneck sweater but I made sure to still look stylish by adding my new ZARA necklace and leather jacket with my boots. If I was going to spend more time outside I would probably be wearing my big coat and a thick scarf. Seriously it is so cold most of the time I can't feel my hands and feet! Summer where are you?!....

BY THE WAY.... Please try to ignore my God-awful roots that are growing in. I don't know if it's just the photographs or the lighting, but I never realized how noticeable they were! Don't worry, I am going to my hairdresser tomorrow and she'll fix it up for me... Thank god.  

Mondays at University


TOPSHOP jacket UNIF sweater RIVER ISLAND jeans DR. MARTENS boots NIGHT MARKET sunglasses VINTAGE backpack

As if Mondays aren't bad enough for me (since I have 7 hours of classes [consisting of a 3 hour class followed by a 2 hour class]) but yesterday I wasn't feeling good at all. I had to leave my first class early because I felt really sick. It was so bad I was considering not writing a midterm exam I had but thankfully I was feeling a little better when it came time to write it. Overall, it was just not my day. But at least I looked good-ish, right? (By the way, these photos were taken before I felt sick... I came home looking like a hot mess....) Oh and my mom made the most delicious Carbonara Pasta so at least there was something good out of my day. Hope you guys had a better Monday than me!