Chunky sweater and platform sneakers


ZARA leather jacket & sweater CLUB MONACO leggings CONVERSE platform sneakers MARC JACOBS purse

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a good Christmas and Santa was good to you all this year. Since I am Christian Orthodox it's actually not my Christmas so I wasn't celebrating today, I've got about 2 weeks until it comes around for me! But I went out for a nice walk downtown and had a latte at Blenz Coffee. I stole this sweater from my mama since it's so nice I just couldn't help myself. I am SO happy I finally found platform shoes!! These Converse ones are dope and I love how I feel like a Spice Girl in them. I'll make sure to get a better picture of them next time I wear them so you guys can see them a bit better. Happy Holidays xo 

Instagram updates



Sunshine is deceiving


ZARA leather jacket & shoes H&M sweater TOPSHOP plaid blouse RIVER ISLAND boyfriend jeans MARC JACOBS purse CHOIES sunglasses

The sun was out today which was nice so I got to take my sunglasses out but it's so damn deceiving... I was freezing my buns off today!! Even at work it was really cold, I better not get sick from this! Good thing I have bought quite a lot of sweaters lately so I'll be staying nice and warm this winter. By the way, I have one more week left of studying for finals and I will be officially done with this semester on Saturday. I really hope this week goes by fast so I can finally relax. Almost... There...

Breakfast at Medina


On Tuesday I had to be downtown to run an errand so my mom and I went to Medina for breakfast before. Medina is a cafe in downtown Vancouver that serves breakfast, lunch and brunch. It was my first time there and I really liked it! Although it's quite small, it had a cozy feeling to it and the food was really good. I had the Paella and my mom had the Saumon Fume. We were both quite satisfied with our breakfast and will most likely be returning very soon! If you would like to find out more about the cafe or take a look at their menu you can go to their website:

It was nice to finally have some time to actually go out with my mom and bond. With university it is so hard to find the time to do any type of socializing anymore. Since I was downtown I took the opportunity to do some shopping, since finals are coming up I probably won't have the chance to go shopping until after I'm completely done with the semester. I'm planning on filming a lookbook video of all my new purchases once finals are over so stay tuned my friends... I promise it'll be worth the wait.

Bundle of joy


TOPSHOP coat & jeans WILFRED scarf ZARA boots AMERICAN APPAREL hat 

It's been so cold lately! All I want to do is bundle up in my big fluffy coat, a cozy scarf and my big hat. I was on my way to work in this outfit and I was very warm which is perfect for these chilly days. I'm so ready for winter to come. I can't wait to be snuggled up in my over-sized sweaters, drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow fall. It's quite strange that I want it to snow actually, I usually hate the snow but I've been longing for it... Weird!

I have entered the dark side


TOPSHOP denim jacket, necklace & tights ZARA crop sweater & skort VINTAGE t-shirt UNDERGROUND creepers MARC JACOBS purse

So... I'm a brunette now! My blonde was starting to fade and it didn't really look like 'ombre' anymore so I decided to change up my hair again. Since winter is around the corner, I decided to go darker. I've always really liked my hair dark and I really love how my hair turned out this time! The color is so nice and rich, it almost has hints of dark red which I like also. I hope my hair doesn't fade anytime soon because I am so happy with how it looks right now!!
This was my outfit for work this weekend and since it was sunny I decided to take advantage of that and wear my tights (even though it was still freezing cold). I was feeling kind of grungy with my new dark hair, so I felt inspired by the London grunge style of loose-fitting denim jackets, baggy t-shirts and of course my creepers. I am almost done with this semester, I have one last class on Monday and then I'm preparing for finals. My last final is on the 14th so after that I plan to be posting a lot and hopefully I'll start making some videos again!

My roaming around university...


Like the fallen leaves I fell
Plummeting to my demise
Broken from the branch that once held me
From the branch that gave me life 

Plunging into the inevitable abyss 
With no escape and no healing
This was how I felt
That familiar feeling

Just as I was to crash
Like the November winds you caught me
You picked me right up
Just to yet again drop me

As I lay amongst the other leaves
Realizing I have no one to blame but myself
Because in the end everyone is busy
Trying to save themselves

Tumblr Inspirations



Oh my god Evan Peters though... 

Zoe: I don't wanna talk about me anymore, ok?
Kyle: You're the first hot girl I've met that doesn't want to talk about herself. 
*Zoe smiles*
Kyle: There's gotta be something wrong with you. 
*Zoe laughs*
Kyle: I know. You have a boyfriend. 
*Kyle hides behind his hand*
Zoe: No, I don't.
*Kyle peeps through his fingers*

This is my favourite scene with Evan Peters so far. I don't know if you guys have been watching American Horror Story Coven, but if you haven't then you MUST! I am so obsessed with this show it's ridiculous. The acting is insanely good and I love how this show is pretty much a fashion editorial! Seriously there is some fierce style in the show, LOVE IT. I would kill to get a role on this show, even if my role was totally messed up or I got brutally murdered, I don't care.. I WANT TO GET ON THIS SHOW. Sigh. Maybe one day..

Okay, well other then my obsession with this show, these are just some of my favourite photos on Tumblr. Make sure to check out my tumblr and follow me!

Just some things here and there


I have been so busy studying and quite frankly stressing out with all the things I have to do before the semester is over. I could literally get an anxiety attack right now just thinking about it.. God help me.

Anywho... Despite my stress I still manage to take some pics of my life here and there so this is what I've been up to lately. I managed to get some drawing and reading done (well other then the immense amount of reading I do for school already..) as well I tested out my new lipstick and bought myself a new coat! I have started reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and so far I love it! I've become really obsessed with zombies and witches especially since I'm starting to draw inspiration from them in my outfits. I'm not sure if it's just the gloomy weather or my inspiration from anything related to witches, but I've started wearing a lot of black and dark clothing. Oh well, you can never go wrong with black I guess. 

The new lipstick I bought from Mac is called M.A.C. Red and I'm so happy with my purchase. It doesn't dry out my lips and lasts all day, which is really what I need when I'm working. I would definitely give it 2 thumbs up. As for my coat purchase it's from Topshop (obviously) and I am ecstatic that I found such a comfy coat! I love that I look like a teddy bear and it is so bloody warm. If I ever ended up being a hobo I would hold onto that coat because I could seriously sleep and live in it. Best winter purchase EVER.

So... Yeah. That's my life at the moment. Finals are creeping up real quickly and I am cringing as we speak so hopefully I'll make it out alive in the next month or so. If you don't hear from me.. You know what happened. See you on the other side folks..